Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Gate

My husband - my hero.

As you all know, I get way less sleep than I really should. 
I think I might be less evil when the time comes when I actually get a normal amount of sleep each night...but not likely.

I am the one to get up with Chunkus Monkus each night. 
It's not so much that Chris won't, it's just that he handles no sleep way worse than I do.

He miraculously never hears the monitor at night when Monkus is crying and even if I am only five minutes into my slumber, I somehow manage to hear her.

The other night, I woke to my husband urgently hitting my thigh and saying,
"Jenn, do you hear that?".


That is so not the way anyone wants to wake up. 

I swear that within a nano second, I went from deep slumber to thinking that I didn't hear the security alarm going off, I didn't hear either one of the kids, I didn't hear the fire alarm, I didn't hear any commotion outside, I didn't hear thunder or any tornado sirens
 I also thought that it would take less than a split nano second to turn the safety off on the 9mm that I am more than comfortable firing - if need be.
I also thought that it was odd that my husband was waking me up to ask me if I heard "that", but yet he was still laying in bed next to me.

Surely if it was something serious enough to wake me in the manner that he did, he wouldn't just be laying there next to me. 
Surely he would be up, talking to 911 with a phone in one hand, the ninja sword in the other while tending to whatever "that" was.

Then, I heard "that".

and it sounded a bit creepy...like a door rattling...

and that's when my husband decided to say, "I think Addie is standing at her gate".

You think Einstein?
He could have said that to begin with.

See....when Addie wakes in the middle of the night, she sits in bed and cries or occasionally, she will call for me. 

On this night, when I started down the hallway, I saw her leaning against the gate to her room. 
Her arms draped over the front and her sweet face laying on top of the gate. 
"That" noise was her making a pitiful effort to shake the gate.

She never said a word, just moved out of the way so that I could pick her up and then was happy to go back to sleep all snuggled in beside me in my bed.

Just in case you were wondering...my husband - the hero - never got out of bed. 

How many points do you suppose that got him?