Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sure...He's Sweet

April 30, 2011
I realize that I post so many good things about Julien, I somehow felt the need to show a little of his darker side.
First off, Julien knows that Addie gets completely freaked out by hats, hoods, scarves, wigs, etc...
so, it was big progress when she finally got acclimated to his football helmet.
What possessed him to all of a sudden decide to torment his sister, I have no idea.
When Addie finished her shower and we walked downstairs, this is what we found.
Julien, laying under Addie's beanbag, with her beloved duck wedged into his face mask.
We heard the words,

"Addie, if you want your duck, you have to come and get it.".

As I was leaving the room to get the camera, I warned Julien that if Addie inflicted any bodily harm upon him...
it was his own fault.

She went after the duck alright.

After working really hard to get the duck, he decided to torment her further by grabbing the duck and smooshing it back into his face mask.
I wasn't about to intervene.
I knew that if she got mad enough, she would either:
a) smack him until he finally gave her the duck; or
b) start crying and he would feel sorry for her and give it back.
Turns out, she was able to get the duck and run before he was able to grab either one of them.
Payback will come when he leasts expects it.