Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paying Close Attention

Addie got her stroller and brought it into the kitchen.
I helped her get her baby, put baby into the stroller and that made her happy as could be.
Addie looked back at me and waved, blew me a kiss and said, "bye-bye, later!".
I told her how much I would miss her and to "have a good day!", then I walked into the office, retrieved her purse and brought it to her.
I reminded her that ladies must have their purses with them when they leave for the day.

At one point, baby needed some attention, so Addie stopped to help her.
She must have slipped down, so Addie had to take her out to reposition her.
Although, I don't pick a baby up by the nap of the neck to reposition them, this must have been the quickest and easiest way to make it happen. many of you have DHR on speed dial at this point?
I was extremely impressed that Addie kept her purse on her arm the entire time...
Until she had to reach down to cram the baby back into the stroller.
Not to worry.
She put her purse on her other arm, tidied herself and went about her business.
What a sweet Baby Girl.


jackie said...

So delightful and amazing to watch the sweet little girl's progress!

jennohara said...

She's growing up into quite the little lady. She's so precious.

Vicky Champion said...

I just LOVE this story!!!!!