Sunday, May 22, 2011

Video of the Year - So Far Anyway!

I think most of you understand why this video just takes our breath away!

While Chris and I were working in Addie's room this morning, Addie was content to sit and practice "writing" her name.
She asked me no less than 225 million times, "Addie?" and I would spell it for her each time.
I finally grabbed Chris's phone and the first two videos I tried to get were worthless.
She immediately turned into Michigan J. Frog.
The third time is obviously the charm!
This is over four years in the making!
I hope you can understand her!
(Yes, we realize she was counting when asked her age)

(There is no way to temporarily disable the music, so you will have to manually pause the music if you wish to hear the video - it's all the way at the bottom of the blog.)

(She was getting restless...nothing that a trip to the park didn't cure!)


Laura Jones said...

Definitely the video of the year. Yay Addie!!!!!

jennohara said...

Awesome!!! I think there will be many videos of the year :)
I LOVE how her little legs are crossed. What a lady.

Jenn said...

Great job Addie!!!! I understood her perfectly.