Monday, May 02, 2011

Back to the Zoo

April 16, 2011
Almost three years have passed since we were last at the zoo.
I decided it was about time to pay a visit.

Since we are now officially into Golf-Widow Season, I can basically come and go as I please and make executive decisions without any additional input.
What that meant - on this day - is that I packed up my children in the car, drove to the zoo, bought a membership and we had a blast...
in the
freezing cold!
Alabama weather is ridiculous!
It's burning hot one day and freezing the next.
Looking on the bright side, the zoo wasn't too crowded,
which allowed us the opportunity to take random pictures.
Including this one that Julien took.
He is very proud of himself for catching the Zoo Monkey in action:
and this, a little too close up of a Mommy that never sleeps.
However, it is better than the one he took where you can pretty much see straight up my nose...
This was probably Fungus Monkey's favorite animal at the zoo.
When we made it to the children's area, Addie and Julien were both so excited.
They had the best time playing....
and it was a LOT of hard work for Addie to climb up the rock stairs and cross the bridge.
Julien was more than happy to take her down the slide time and again.

It was tough for Addie to keep her balance, but Julien insisted he would help her.
Julien and I helped Addie around the entire play area several times.
It really was a lot of hard work for her, but she took her time and we focused on learning to step onto the steps and trying to recognize uneven surfaces.
It's a work in progress.


Anonymous said...

I am always so impressed with Julien's love, patience and protectiveness towards Addie. What an awesome big brother!