Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Plethora of TMI

You've been warned!

You guys remember Addie's purse - right?

She was playing while I was getting ready for the day and she came upon her purse. 
She obviously decided that she was taking her purse with her when we left the house because she started paroozing around looking for things to put into her purse.

She found:

A receipt from Target

A popsicle stick with pompoms

A playing card adorned by E.B. 

A playing card with a picture of Daniel and the Lion 

A pantyliner 

Nursing Pads

A Naked Baby Doll

You've never seen a Baby Girl so proud of herself! 
Addie held up her purse for me to see and was so sweet!
I could tell how happy she was to have her purse all ready to go!

As I was putting on my earrings, this little tiny voice inside my head told me that I might want to stop - for just a minute - and ask Baby Girl what she found to put into her purse.

I knelt down and began to look inside her purse.  
As I removed the items from her purse, I told her that she had found so many nice things for school, but that Mommy would help her find a few more things for her purse. 
When I began to put all of her treasures back into her purse, a few items managed to get tucked out of sight.

I helped Addie put her purse onto her shoulder and out the door we went.

I can only imagine how that show and tell time would have went had I not stopped to check her purse before we left.