Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Hunt - April 20, 2011

The Easter Egg Hunt at Addie's school was really neat.
It was (of course) the one day of the week that it rained, so the hunt had to be moved inside - not like anybody seemed to mind.
It was really neat how the teachers decided to do the egg hunt, they taped each child's picture onto 10 eggs.
Not only did the children have to actually hunt for their eggs, but it was super easy for the children to keep track of how many eggs they had left to find.
....AND, this was so incredibly helpful for Addie.
The eggs were hidden throughout the indoor gym...
Outside the baby rooms...

and in every hallway.
Addie's teachers made sure that she stayed with her friends and Addie's friends made sure that Addie found all of her eggs.
They were all so sweet!
If they found an egg that belonged to Addie, they would put the egg back, but tell Addie where to find the egg and then they would help her find it if she was having trouble.
It really is so touching to watch them.
We are so blessed to be surrounded by loving and kind people.
After the egg hunt, it was time for a snack...

and one more Easter party gone. 

It's going by too fast...