Wednesday, May 04, 2011

We Got It 2011

We know that the bunny is so busy this time of year, so Chris and I told the bunny, "We Got It". 
There was no need for the bunny to fret about stopping at one more house, so we take care of the Easter Surprise Baskets for our children. 
(It's an entirely different post and I'm not in the mood to write it or share it right now)

Now - some of you are going to be taken aback by some of our choices for the baskets, but please know...
we don't care.
We have - what we consider to be - a pretty good sense of humor, so we don't find it the least bit offensive to put books, made of paper, into Julien's basket, even with titles such as this:

He's 12. 
He's a boy. 
Laughter is the best medicine.
I believe in promoting literacy.
Nuff said.

However, we did score an awesome Florida Gators shirt at 75% off...
Yes, we are smart and offensive shoppers!

As I have previously mentioned, Julien doesn't care for chocolate, but you can't have an Easter basket without a chocolate bunny.
So, one little bunny hopped into his basket.
(the Aleve cold and sinus was for the basket makers)
Addie-Pa-Tatie got a book too...
and a new duck pillow that her Daddy picked out for her on one of his excursions.
Sweet Addie still loves ducks and let me just tell you,
that PEZ dispenser,
caused a bit of confusion.
Addie couldn't figure out why I was trying to cram candy under the duck's hiney and wasn't too thrilled with the idea of it either.
When Addie woke up Easter morning, she sat in bed until she saw us walking down the hallway, then she slid out of bed and pointed at the basket.
More inquisitive than anything...
Until she found her little chocolate bunny...
my second born happens to love chocolate, just like her Mommy.
At least she has one quality of mine.
We completely broke the "no food or drinks allowed in the bedroom rule" and let her go ahead and rip the ears off the bunny.
Good thing she has advanced her coordination enough so that she can still rummage through her basket
hold onto the chocolate
at the same time.
(Julien wasn't at home Easter morning)