Friday, May 13, 2011

A Hat Kind of Day

May 1, 2011
Fungus Monkus was doing better - the fever was gone - and I had an amazing case of cabin fever.
I decided that a trip to the park was in order.
One particular park that we frequent has a nice walking trail so that Addie can sit back in her stroller and feed all the animals, we can check out the fish and turtles and can recuperate from the indoor blues.

However, it was definitely a hat kind of day.
One of those days when you hope you don't run into anybody you know, yet you know full well it will happen - just because.

I hope you enjoy this picture of sweet Baby Girl with my multi-colored living room in the background.
My husband decided he would paint the living room for me for my birthday (that was my only request).
My birthday was four months ago.
So, stay focused on Fungus Monkus...

My Michigan hat and my favorite pair of faded black cotton pants.
The choice of shirts was an effort to please my husband.
My husband should seriously consider becoming a professional photographer.  Wow...we look awesome in this picture!
Yes, that is a Kool-Aid shirt and NO, I did not buy it for Julien- you should have seen him once he put on his red hat. about cool.
(Just in case you were wondering, I was yelling at Fat Brat)