Monday, May 30, 2011

Kind of Ironic....

That we go out of our way to avoid running into people we know because we look so freakin' bad and we were having a day where we just wanted to be alone....Yet, I post the pictures on the blog...?
That makes zero sense.

Addie was "helping" Julien down off the slide
and yes,
I will wear my faded black pants until the threads finally give way and my cellulite starts oozing out.
We just threw all rules and manners right out the door.
There wasn't anyone else in sight, so we let Chunk work on therapy...
by climbing up the slide!
Julien sat at the top and helped Addie up the toughest part.
They're so sweet.

I think it's awesome that Julien teaches her all of the things in life that I never would have thought to teach her.

I think kids sometimes forget to be kids...
we had such a nice time enjoying ourselves and relaxing.
It doesn't happen often enough.

May 15, 2011