Saturday, May 14, 2011

Award Winning

I win another "Mother of the Year" award for my selfish actions.

I, like most all parents, check on my children a gazillion times each night.  I don't win the "Mother of the Year" award for those's because as I stand over the beds of my children or as I watch them from the hallway, I am mentally debating, trying to decide if I should pull the covers back over their little angelic sleeping bodies or just turn and walk quietly out of the room.

On this night, I chose to walk quietly out of the room.

Covering them back up was not worth the risk of waking them (meaning Fungus Girl) because if FG they woke up, they would never go back to sleep, which means that I would get even less sleep, making me even more joyful to be around.

Besides, it's May - in Alabama - it's not like they're going to become hypothermic.

Don't sit there in judgement.  I know you do it too...there's too many beautiful, well-rested parents out there and way too many happy pediatricians who spend their days treating our children...after they catch colds from sub-zero temperatures from lack of warm blankets during their slumber.


jennohara said...

:-) Oh man, am I guilty of this one!

Melanie Sims said...

HAHA! I totally do it too!! Yeah I say the same thing to myself, "It's Houston for crying out loud! They won't freeze to death!" :)