Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stupid Alabama Weather

May 15, 2011
I get cranky in the stupid Alabama humidity. 
It's not so much the stupid humidity as it is the stupid annoying, blood-sucking bugs when combined with the stupid humidity that just so happens to be in Alabama.

So, I was beyond thrilled when we had an awesome weekend of cold weather. gnats, no noseeums, no creepy, crawly, buzzing - anything.

It was awesome.

We were all looking awfully rough, so we headed out to a park where we were somewhat certain we wouldn't run into anybody we knew.

We had a great time and along with a lot of help from us, Addie worked really, really hard on her therapy.

Independent stair climbing is still a while off, but we are making good progress!
Time after time, Addie worked so hard climbing the stairs and the reward was well worth it.
I think we can get at least one more year use out of it, but I would rather use it as an excuse to make a trip up north or con my brother into flying south for a visit (with Michigan gear in tow).
Actually, I have three very good reasons to head north - including a stop in Detroit, followed by a trip across the Canadian border, then Pittsburgh....just as soon as Addie stops crying in the car.
Do you guys realize that Addie thinks that Julien hung the moon?


jennohara said...

You got it tell your brother to stay put...
you'll go visit him. :)