Monday, May 02, 2011


(You may have to pause the music at the bottom of the blog and there might be ads that pop up on some of these videos.  I just didn't have the time to search for other videos).

At the end of 2010, somebody somewhere came up with the most commonly used words of 2010.

I'm predicting two that will make the list for 2011 - at least in our little part of the world:


I have to say that although I make fun from time to time of "people not from the North", Southerners are by far the most giving and resilient people (in the United States) I have ever met - *Disclaimer:  Within the 48 contiguous states and Hawaii.  I've never lived in Alaska.

I took this timeline from The New York Times (click the link to follow the interactive timeline). 
The tornadoes that have completely devastated the South and obliterated so many towns completely missed my little town.

We sat watching - our eyes glued - to the television as the tornadoes ripped apart the lives of so many people and impacted so many people that we know.  We sat watching, never losing power and never having to take cover in our basement.
This is what we saw:

(Just scroll around the 11 minute mark, we knew that so many of the memories from our childhood were most likely being destroyed.)
It is gut wrenching.

This video is amazing, yet one more town gone

(Not to make light of the situation, but for any of you not in the South,especially my international readers, please know that not everyone in Alabama has tractors or ponds in their front yards and we don't all stand outside and watch tornadoes come straight towards us - although this guy got some awesome video - thankfully it appears that he made it through the storm!!!)

This time impacting even more people we care so much about.

This doesn't include videos or pictures of the many other towns that were completely devastated in Alabama.

Our thoughts and our prayers are with you.

Over the last few days, I have heard it said time and again....

("Normal Blog posting will resume again in the next day or so.  It just didn't seem right for me to post pictures of my children at Easter when so many others are hurting.)


jennohara said...

Wow, the videos are amazing.
I'm so thankful you're all okay, and praying for everyone else affected.

Nicole said...

Thank you for your prayers

Melissa Irvin said...

I'm glad to read that ya'll weren't affected at all by all the horrible weather last week. I appreciate reading your support for our community though. It's really amazing how kind the south really is!