Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We're moving!

Well, not yet.

Chris and I have a permanent ongoing "joke".
We are moving to Homewood.
Not right this minute, obviously
seeing as how we spend 68.72874% of our time running to and from Homewood, we might as well move there.

It has gotten to the point that when I call a new provider, store or restaurant, I don't ask them, "where are you located?",
I ask them, "where in Homewood are you located?".


94% of our providers are in Homewood.
I think that Homewood is eventually going to have a huge sinkhole open up and just swallow it whole because of everything that is located there.
Can the earth handle that kind of centralized mass?

So, we may have to rent a cottage to get us through until we make a permanent move.

Don't tell Julien - he will have no part of moving...I wonder how quickly the state could build a raised bypass to Homewood for us...I guess holding off on the move is a good idea, I don't think my thighs could handle living in that close of proximity to Pastry Art - they would explode!

After I get my vacation to Whidbey, Fidalgo and Vancouver Islands, then we can put our house on the market and move.

A girl can dream...right?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

When that time comes to put your house up for sale, I can do it!! I'm a Realtor and have sold five homes in my first six months. I sure would hate to see you go from Helena, but Homewood sure is nice too and not too far.

Susan W.