Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Too Bad"

"Too Bad!"
This is my newest phrase. It is used frequently and with sincere meaning.
It started as my "mean Mom" response.
Then its use began to spread as a response to a variety of different things.
Most recently it has been used as a way to relay how I feel about responses I have received from people.
People who don't understand that we are not making excuses when we say that we can't go to lunch, meet for dinner, attend (whatever) gathering.
We are not being snotty. Please realize that Chris and I have things going on that no one knows about. Although it appears that I publicize our entire lives on this blog, I don't.
Addie has SIX therapy appointments a week (every week) that keep her exhausted by day's end, we have averaged one to two medical appointments a week for the last month. Chris has appointments, Julien has appointments, Julien plays sports and we work full time.
So, please do not hesitate to extend offers to us, but please do not be upset when we politely say that we can't.
Lately the few free minutes that we have had are spent together because we just don't get down time very much anymore.
You guys have no idea how much we appreciate everything, every prayer, every offer to help, every email of well wishes and every time somebody just tells us that they have been thinking of us.
We appreciate it all. We truly do.
When I say it's, "too bad" someone doesn't understand. It really is "too bad". We try our best to be courteous and giving people, but we have been playing catch up with our lives for three years and by golly we are almost there. Please bear with us.
We would love nothing more than to attend every offer of an adults only dinner or weekend get a ways - until then, we are trying to hold on to every single minute we have with our kids...while they are still kids.
Thank you to all of you for being so amazing and supportive.
Your support keeps us going and we are so grateful!


Sandy said...

I LOVE this post! My hat goes off to you for posting it and just doing the best you can to survive, enjoy, capture every fun moment and deal with all the rest. In addition to all those appointments and commitments you mentioned - you forgot to write how you keep us all posted with your amazing blog. AND you take the time to comment on other people's blogs. (Thank you!!!). You are doing an amazing job and you give me such encouragement without even trying to do it or knowing you do it. I'm looking forward to when life settles down and Allie and Addie want to have their "girl" time and us Mommies and Daddies are forced to have adult time for a few hours and get to know each other better. We will look forward to getting together then. Until then, we will keep in touch via blogs and enjoy every minute with our amazing children.

Thanks for a great post!