Monday, January 11, 2010

Next came...

Yet another doctors appointment 12/29/2009
- remember I am now officially two weeks behind on blog updates.
Chunky Monkey still couldn't get rid of that awful infection and fever, so we went for another visit with our favorite ENT.
There was no way she could spend her birthday so sick!

Monkey was put on (yet another) antibiotic and given a Rocephin shot.
I felt really bad for the nurses (yes - two of them - bless them) that came in to give Monkey the shot.
They did not want to have to give it to her!

I reassured them that Monkey was a pro with shots and that we would be fine.
I was a little unsure of those words only because the Rocephin shot does not go into the leg.
I told Monkey before the nurses came in that she would have to get one boo-boo shot and then we would be all done.
When the nurses came in, I just held Monkey up against my chest and told her to give me a big hug.
I had Monkey count to three with me and told her that the boo-boo shot was coming...she never moved and never screamed.
There were tears that fell down her little cheeks, but she was so good!
She is so used to seeing the boo-boo shots that I think she was a little frightened by not seeing what was going on, but I was so impressed...and the nurses and Dr. Davis were very impressed!
I only hope Monkey stays that calm as she gets older.
I try to take the approach that if I talk to her (and Julien) about what is going on, it will be less frightening and stressful.
Poor baby is just getting started with a really rough week...details to follow.


jennohara said...

What a tough little cookie! So brave!

Nicole said...

Poor Baby! I can't believe she didn't cry....Rocephin HURTS! I wish all my patients were as brave as Addie!

Donna said...

You're such a good mom!! Addie is tough; but it is so much better to be honest and up front about what is going to happen. Yes, you have to get a shot; yes it's going to hurt; but it will make you feel better. Not telling the truth about such things makes kids not trust you OR the doctors. Good job to both of you!!