Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First impressions

First impressions are very important.
I usually sum up what I think of someone within a minute of meeting them.
Most of the time, I am right.
However, there are times when I am horribly wrong, so I always try to let bad first impressions go in hopes that it was just bad timing.
I have learned over the years that I make terrible first impressions...and sometimes terrible second and third and fourth impressions.
Apparently I have the knack for coming across as being snotty.
In reality, I am a very shy person.
Recently, we made a very bad first impression.
When we met Addie's newest doctor for a consult back on January 5th, it was a terribly hectic and stressful day anyway.
To make matters worse, Addie was on the evil antibiotic.
The one that turns her into an evil little princess that makes people run in fear when she is around.
This evil little princess was in no mood to have to be in a waiting room while I filled out forms while her Daddy tried his best to occupy her.
She didn't want her Daddy, all she wanted was me or to throw a tantrum for all to see.
I tried my best to occupy her with books, any random thing I could find in my purse and I even tried to give a quick botany lesson before she tried her best to rip the leaves off of every plant she could get to.
She was evil.
It wasn't long before we found out the reason why...the evil antibiotic was making its way out of her system, via her esophagus.
Next thing I knew, the floor, my shirt, my pants, Addie's shirt and pants and my hands were covered in the remains of antibiotic coated breakfast goop.
To make the situation even more pleasant, it kept on coming.
Next thing I knew the door opened and the nurse announced that they were ready to see Addie.
I told the nurse that she really wasn't ready to see Addie and that we needed directions to the nearest restroom.
So, as our newest practitioner was waiting patiently for us, I was in the restroom trying to wash off our clothes the best I could.
There is nothing like wreaking of vomit.
I bet we made a great first impression.
By that time, Addie was ticked.
She just wanted to go and did not want anybody touching her.
We quickly agreed on trying to get a panorex of the evil little princess.
The nurse put the x-ray vest on Addie, while another nurse and the doctor tried to let her know that everything would be okay.
Addie being the sweet girl that she is, stood still with the x-ray vest on, holding her little hands in front of her as tears fell down her face.
She was so frightened.
The doctor knelt down next to her and let her know that they were all done, there was no reason to upset her any further and put her through the x-ray.
As I talked with the doctor, the nurse went and retrieved the treasure box.
She gave Addie tattoos, a ring and bracelets (I would have a panorex for all that).
So, although we didn't make a good first impression on our newest doctor and her staff, they sure did make a great first impression on us.
We are still waiting on the results from the CT Scan with regards to the area on Addie's mandible.


Anonymous said...

Poor little thing, she is such a trooper! I hope she feels better! Let's not forget you mom, you are a trooper too :-) Carie

jennohara said...

Oh my gosh! She is seriously so sweet. What a day for you guys! I`m glad everything turned out though. That doctors first impression of you was that you are all definitely troopers.