Friday, January 22, 2010

Show me the money! me, help you
That is exactly what I felt like screaming when I found out that it took so long to get the CT results from a provider because this provider did not have a copy of the films to review for Addie's CT Scan.
For the love of all things good in this world.
I walked out of the hospital with a copy of the CT Scan.
This providers office is five minutes from the hospital.
I would have hand delivered it to that provider just like I did the other provider involved in the scan had I known.
By me helping you, you help me.
I just wish people would tell me what they need or are waiting on.

I would be happy to help them help me.

Addie's oral surgeon called me this a.m. with the results of the CT Scan. Let me just say that I truly do adore this provider. She has made a really good first and second impression on me (regardless of the lack of helping me to help her help me).
The growth on Addie's mandible appears to be just a bony growth - cause unknown. She doesn't know if it is "just a growth" or if a tooth happens to be pushing out part of Addie's mandible because her mandible is so incredibly small.

We don't know, so...we just have to "WAIT AND SEE"!
This awesome physician did ask me if I wanted to come in and talk with her and visually review the scan.
Of course I do - thanks for asking!
So, not only is this physician willing to go one step beyond giving us the results, she is willing to sit down with us and talk a little more
she is willing to join our team as one of Addie's permanent physician's.
We do know that we could possibly be looking at surgery in the future due to the size of Addie's little mouth and jaw.
We'll just have to wait and see.
As a side note
Since January 5th, we have added three new physician's to Addie's team
three new therapists
one new special education teacher.
I need to create a flow chart just so everybody else can keep up with which doctor has what specialty and how they fit in.
(I do realize that the title of this post only vaguely indirectly ties into the content of this post, but it was the first thing that entered my mind. Just go with it.)


Julie said...

Goodness! I'm right there with you... We are in the middle of the school process with Daisy and I'm dizzy from all the things that are going on. Of course, they compare NOTHING to yours, but it is still a little overwhelming.

OT- It was SO great to meet you and Addie yesterday. She is an amazing little girl and I just fell in love with her! I hope we are able to get together one day and let the girls play. There was so much I wanted to talk with you about, but didn't. Of course, I didn't want to bother you either. Anyway, thank you for allowing me to share a little in the Joy of what Addie has brought to your family.