Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Once again...acting like a typical little Baby Girl

This is what happens when I leave Julien in charge of Addie long enough for me to tidy up the kitchen.
Yes, that would be You Tube that my Baby Girl is looking at.
To be exact, it would be Jack's Big Music Show on You Tube.
(Not to worry, parental controls are on)
Who was it again that said my Baby Girl would never function "as a normal child"?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE!!!! the pic of Addie looking so intently at the computer monitor! She is such a big girl and getting smarter by the day! She makes us all proud and she is such a joy to watch! Way to go Julien for being such a great big brother, Addie is so lucky to have you!!!! Carie

jennohara said...

Love the little pony tail! So cute!
She is most definitely a typical little girl!