Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Modification of goals!

(I do not have permission from other parents to post this video, but I don't think anyone can really get a good enough look at the other little ones in the class to be able to identify who they are anyway.)

Addie's teacher tried something new during this class and brought out the "Ring of Fire!"

All the parents got so tickled and I started thinking that I should modify Addie's PT goals.

Sweet Addie is unable to step over objects in her way. It is something that we are really working on.

Instead of one of her PT goals reading:

"Consistently step over objects"

it should read:

"Consistently step over objects while walking through a ring of fire".

Sweet Baby Girl is trying so hard!

It makes me so happy just to see her walking and being able to participate with her peers!

(The video was taken on the iPhone through a two way mirror - not too bad.)


jennohara said...

You're right, that goal should be modified! What a big girl she's getting to be! Good for you, Addie! Give her a little while, and she'll be jumping through that thing!

jennohara said...

Also, I'm VERY impressed with how well you filmed that with your phone!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea she was walking that good!! I thought it was just a few unsteady steps, but she is going to town!! I am so proud. Our God is SO good!!