Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quick update

The CT Scan today went well once we finally had our turn.
We kept getting bumped for urgent cases coming in (which I completely understand) and didn't end up getting home until 2:30 this afternoon.
A whole day spent for a CT Scan.
We were a bit frustrated because Chris and I didn't get any work done today and to top that off, we woke to a water leak in our basement.
Such is life, I know...
We don't have any news yet, but will give details of the day later, I'm just too tired tonight.
I apologize to all of you who I specifically said that I would update after the scan, but the day was just so hectic and then by the time we made it home Addie napped on my lap until time to rush out of the house for a very special dinner.
I will say that we were very, very blessed to have nurses, a radiologist and an anesthesiologist that made our day pleasant when it could have been a complete disaster, so we are ever so grateful to them all.
On the very positive side of things, all labs were drawn while Addie was still sedated!!!!