Saturday, January 16, 2010


My current goal is to teach Addie her age.
I started by telling her on her birthday that she was "three".
Then, I would ask her how old she is.
I don't know if Addie doesn't understand the question or doesn't understand how to answer the question, but she doesn't answer me.
It is so obvious on her little face that she wants to be able to tell me something, but the answer is somehow locked away.
However, she can repeat "three" when I tell her that she is "three".
So, I broke the rules and stood her in the chair and we talked about her age.
As I was telling her that she was three, she got really excited and repeated it after me, throwing her hands in the air and smiling!
I will take that smile a million times over and be happy.
I think I am okay if she never understands or truly responds to me asking her how old she is. She is beautiful and makes my heart so full of joy.
Addie is "THREE" and the sweetest little Monkey you will ever meet and I am so thankful that she is mine.

Bad, bad hair day...yikes!


Scott, Michelle and Edie said...

I have been thinking about you latley. You and your family are still in our prayers and forever will be. The photo of the boys is beautiful. I know your sister will cherish it forever. Thank you for sharing such a part of yourself and of your family as you have.
I am so glad Addie had such a great birthday. I would like for Addie and Edie to get together for a playdate sometime soon. Edie would love to show off her new kitchen! (not pottery barn btw)

Aunt Cissy said...

Jennifer, she is a beautiful chunky monkey and I will forever be grateful to be her Aunt Cis, Cissy, Cecilia or whatever she wants to recognize me by. I love her and she tugs at my heart strings everytime I see her or hear her. I know Gabi enjoys all of her time with Addie and for the most part with Julien, too ha ha.

Love always,

jennohara said...

Love the shirt! So cute! You are so lucky to have Addie and she is so lucky to have you!

Ashley said...

She is so precious, I love her shirt!!!