Thursday, January 07, 2010

Just a "typical" little baby girl

When we picked Monkey up from daycare yesterday her teachers told us the funniest story.
The assistant director - who just so happens to be a man - came into Monkey's room to assist during a tornado drill.
While the teachers were lining all the little ones up, Monkey was refusing to cooperate.
She started yelling "NO" and pointing at something that the poor guy just couldn't figure out.
He looked to Monkey's teachers for help and asked them what in the world Monkey wanted.
To my delight, Monkey was refusing to get in line for the tornado drill without....her purse.
The teacher handed the spoiled little Monkey her purse and the tornado drill commenced in perfect order.
Lets just face it, at the age of only 3 my sweet Monkey has her priorities in order.
I am so proud!


Anonymous said...

I am guessing that Mr. Bobby was extremely amused by this as am I!! I love this story of this little lady!!

Nicole said...

Too funny! A girl can never leave without her purse!

Kim said...

Totally understand sweet girl, you got to have your purse with you in case of an emergency!!

Ashley said...

Thats is too funny, but cute too!! A little girl has to have her purse too, these guys just have to face it lol

Heather said...

I love it! At least we know she's being raised right!

The Butlers said...

That is HILARIOUS! A girl can't leave without her purse..hehe

jennohara said...

Oh my Gosh! Too cute! She is such a little girl!

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Like Mother, like Daughter!