Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Very special guests!

Deciding who to invite to the party was not easy.
I worried about hurting people's feelings, but when it came down to it, we invited the people who we felt would be the most understanding of the day.
This was our first time celebrating on Addie's Birthday with other people and we were concerned about how we would hold up, especially after the week that we had.
We decided that we would invite just two friends for Addie.
We chose her friends who had been with her since they were all tiny babies, sharing a room at The Bell Center and sharing a time in our lives when we needed each other the most.
That decision was hard because Addie has so many friends who are so kind to her and who willingly invite her to their parties.
I hope everyone understands.
In addition, my oldest brother and his girlfriend - MaryRose - drove down from Michigan.
It was an amazing night!
My family took care of everything for us.
MaryRose and my Mother cooked everything (except for the cake) and it was delicious!
We had people who thought we had catered it all in!
I am so very, very grateful for the help and I am so grateful for MaryRose who stepped in and took control of the food and making sure we had everything that we could possibly need (she's a keeper especially if she can tolerate our family)!