Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CT Scan Results - Part 1

I can't say enough how wonderful Addie was before, during and after the CT Scan.
She was so sweet although she was hungry and tired. Addie did perfect while the nurse put her IV in.
She watched intently and didn't cry...until the nurse was all done and started taping the IV down.
There is something about surgical tape and gauze that totally freaks Addie out.
She can take needles, but has a come apart over tape.
Who would have guessed?
Once the nurse covered the tape with coban, life was good again.
I was very pleased that the anesthesiologist allowed me to walk Addie into the CT room and hold her while she administered the sedative.
It makes me feel better knowing that I am with Addie each step of the way and it puts Addie at ease as well.
We are so very blessed to be surrounded by kind providers.
I realize each day how lucky we are.
Addie didn't mind showing off her boo-boo and even tried to look pitiful for the camera!

Dr. Davis called yesterday to give me the results from his part of the scan.
According to him, Addie's sinuses are "crystal clear" and doesn't require any surgical treatment!!!!!
We were feeling really positive about those words until Dr. Davis said that he thinks as Addie's head grows, he expects her nasopharynx to mature and these horrible sinus infections will be a thing of the past...but we don't know if that is actually going to happen.
So, that left us with questions and another leap forward into our "Wait and See" world.
We couldn't have asked for better results.
We will take all the good news we can get and "Wait and See" where we go from here.


Scott, Michelle and Edie said...

So happy to hear the great reports....Keep them coming! Addie is such a trooper. Love that long hair and bows. I need Addie to teach Edie about bows and how they are her friend.

jennohara said...

That`s great news! So relieved she doesn`t need that surgery