Thursday, January 07, 2010

Keeping it simple

I decided a few years back, that it is more important for my children to understand the meaning of Christmas instead of it being a time of endless presents.
I was very proud of how well we did this year.
Monkey got a kitchen (no, not the pink kitchen from Pottery Barn that all of our other friends got their children) and J-Rod a couple presents that he had requested.
Santa's elves were slackers this Christmas Eve.
They didn't put the finishing touches on the kitchen, no decorative borders or knobs for the cabinet doors, but they did get in bed before day break!
It is not about the number of gifts, but the gifts that are given from the heart and that we feel would be most appreciated.


Donna said...

I so believe this, Jenn! It's hard to buy gifts for kids/people that have so much that it becomes more expected and "acquisitions" as opposed to something truly desired and appreciated. I don't begrudge my granddaughters nice things; but I don't want them to expect them. I want them to know that their life is not necessarily the norm and there are so many others out there who have to do without. I love your approach!

jennohara said...

That's the way to do it!