Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unofficial results

I managed to get the second part of the results from the CT Scan today...just not from the ordering physician...I am still waiting on the official, what, why and where do we go from here answers.
I am trying to be the good Mother and not harass this provider and I will probably leave her alone for a day or two since I read the radiology report and didn't have to take someone's word on what was said.
We are also waiting on the last lab results to come in from Endocrinology. I failed to mention that I managed to make our new Endocrinologist very uncomfortable with my line of questioning...that whole "first impression" thing didn't work out too well with him. Besides the awkward line of questioning, the appointment itself was fine. The staff was amazingly friendly and Addie left Endocrinology with a huge white stuffed Monkey courtesy of the receptionist.
What a lucky little Monkey I have.