Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's no surprise

that Addie immediately wanted the baby in the cart full of goodies.
You all know how Addie is the greatest little Mommy ever!

Well...the baby that Addie picked is bigger than she is!
This thing is HUGE!
It was hilarious watching her try to hold the baby and she kept feeding the baby more and more!

Addie had to take the baby to school for the next few days, but the baby is so ginormous that she wouldn't fit in Addie's cubby, so I had to take her back out to the car with me.

We haven't named baby yet and I really think "Big Bertha" might be a bit offensive to baby, so for now, baby's name is still baby.

The first time Julien saw baby, he just cracked up!
He asked Addie, "what bean stalk did that baby fall off of?".
He's hilarious!