Thursday, July 02, 2009

First "real" movie

We took our chances and decided today was the day for Addie's first official trip to the movie theater. We went to see Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (not in 3D).

We will not count The Simpson's Movie in which she nursed until she fell asleep and then stayed asleep the entire movie.

Addie did an excellent job during the entire movie! She sat in the booster seat the majority of the movie, snacking on popcorn and M&M's (she had to enjoy the entire movie experience), yelling "OH" at the appropriate times and laughing!
What got her full and complete attention? When the baby mammoth started crying...Sweet Addie wanted to know who was crying and why.

The movie was very good. There were no cheesy musical scenes and no sad scenes that would bore us all.

It was just a good movie and besides, who just doesn't love Scrat and Sid?!


Kat said...

How funny! I took Olivia to see Ice Age on Friday for her first real movie at a theater! She loved it, but got scared in a few parts. We should have taken the girls together :)