Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Talk about feeling like a princess!

Just as I'm sure everyone else in the world does, we immediately had our piggies pampered after returning from the beach.
You guys know how corrosive the beach is on sensitive feet!
I thought I would let Addie-Pa-Tattie get her piggies painted, but she wasn't too fond of the idea of someone else touching her piggie-toes.
After bath and after her continuously checking out my piggies, we decided to give piggie painting a try.
She did a great job!
My sweet princess is so proud of her piggies that she has been showing everyone that would take the time to look!
Can piggie-pampering become addictive at age two!?!


The Stallings' Clan said...

Wait until she starts picking out your color also. My 2 year old daughter is addicted to having her piggies painted. This last time she insisted mine be the same color....purple sparkles. Addie is just exhibiting another typical 2 year old girl behavior, which is AWESOME. God is so good!

Heather said...

I love it! A toddler after my own heart.

Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty piggies Addie! Love, Carie :-)