Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We are shining examples

of the phrase:

"go figure"

We had an amazing time on our vacation, BUT, we knew on our last night when Addie kept us up all night screaming, that she was getting sick.

She screamed for seven hours last night. I went through all of my Addie troubleshooting techniques and then realized that I would just have to wait it out and see what the problem was.

This morning she woke up with her ear draining.

Mystery solved.

We ran into Publix a little while ago to grab a few quick things and some Motrin. I'm a tad on edge only because Addie is still screaming even after Tylenol and ear drops and Julien has decided to push every last button that I have.

I am not one of those Mom's that tell my children, "you just wait until we get home...". Oh, no. I'm one of those Mom's that will take care of the situation right then and there.

I had no more than finished getting on to Julien - a lot worse than what I really should have - because I'm tired and Addie is crying - when a wonderful, nice man approaches us.

This is the same wonderful, nice man that we ran into at Publix months back. Great, great guy...who follows our blog.

He was just congratulating us on our wonderful news of Addie walking!


So, nobody ever sees me loving my children and complimenting them, but if I'm going to make a public spectacle of myself, there will be witnesses who know who we are.

Go figure.

Pictures from our trip coming soon....