Wednesday, July 01, 2009

3, 2, 1

3 - The number of dead cats I saw on the way to work this morning.

2 - The number of appointments Addie had today.

1 - The number of days left before a nice long jam-packed weekend full of fun.


Jennifer and Mark Kiel said...

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I follow your blog from some friends at Children's ER (I used to be a nurse there). I saw you guys at Sol Azteca tonight....we were the ones behind you with the 3 small kids. My oldest (just turned 3) was in awe with Addie and loved her bow. She even said: "Mommy, that girl made a mess!" You should have seen our table after we left!! I was with my father-in-law...bless him for taking me and the 3 kids out while Daddy is out of town. I'm sorry I didn't say anything while we were there but I just wanted to let you know that I recognized you and your family - which is totally beautiful by the way ;-).