Thursday, July 02, 2009

Have I mentioned

Addie's obsession with babies and children?

When we go out to eat, I silently wish for small children to sit next to us because it makes Addie so completely happy. Granted, the poor family that is chosen to sit near us may not have a single moment without Addie nosing into their dinner time, but she is so happy.

Imagine my complete joy last night when the family that sat behind us had three little ones! I'm sure Addie thought she was in heaven! They had two sweet little girls and a tiny baby boy. At one point, the baby started crying and I thought Addie was going to combust! She kept looking from the baby to me and back to the baby! I knew she was trying to get me to "help" him. She can't stand for someone to cry, it upsets her terribly.

Every few minutes, Addie would rip her eyes away from the heaven sent babies to look at me to tell me (again) "baby". She was so stinkin' happy to see those babies at dinner!

So, a BIG "Thank You" to Jennifer and her Father-in-law for being so brave as to sit behind us at dinner. Your family is precious!

As a sidebar, we all know that Addie lacks a considerable amount of coordination and balance. If she is eating something like rice, she either makes a really big mess or I have to help her...or both.

It has gotten to the point at restaurants where I have to clean up before we leave. There are many times when the restaurant staff comes over to me and tells me not to worry about it, that it is OK. I think what they really mean is, "Ma'am, please just leave and quickly".


We have to rotate our meals out between Helena, Alabaster, Hoover, Bessemer, Gardendale, Homewood, Vestavia, Trussville and Birmingham in hopes that by the time we make it back to the restaurant again, the staff will be all new and will not know what a mess we leave behind!

Bless the sweet little girl who sat behind us last night at dinner and told her Mommy that Addie "made a mess". That just totally cracked me up!

If you see us out at a restaurant, be prepared to put on your rain gear and galoshes, it gets pretty messy!