Thursday, July 16, 2009


Nobody can blame the cats any longer for getting in the fireplace....oh, wait just one second...
the cats couldn't be to blame for the crayon marks anyway!
That's right, the whole, lack of an opposable thumb thing.
Little Monkey denies any wrong doings and has yet to understand that her little fingers are not allowed to pick the rocks out of the fireplace and the fireplace is not a place where she can express her creativity with crayons.
It's Alabama, we don't use our fireplace that much...we have plenty of time to go over
fire safety
choking hazards
all before winter sets in.


Nicole said...

Looks like "typical" 2 year old behavior to me! Proving "them" wrong yet again!

Heather said...

Hmmm...a two-year-old, a crayon, a fireplace; looks like SOMEONE is functioning as a normal child! Color on, Addie. Color on.

Katherine said...

We have moments like this all the time at home! Sometimes it's really hard not to laugh :)