Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Never before has it been an effort

to write what I do on the blog.

I don't have to sit and ponder, when something comes to me, it's a breeze to express how I feel or write about our lives...until these past few days.

Guys...I just don't know what could top the last post - for now anyway.

We have so many milestones left to conquer and so many miracles left to share, but for today, how can I make the blog any more wonderful than my last post?

So, here we go...lets wait and see what comes next.

Just try to stick with me.
Addie never ceases to amaze us and we will have more joyous news soon.

Our God has continued to prove that true!

In these last few days of lack of information, we have had a little drama.

Monkey has been so very, very sick.

She started getting sick Saturday, got worse on Sunday and by 1:30 Monday morning was vomiting nonstop!

For the next ten hours, I just held her and helped her as her fever spiked.

It was just awful.

I don't care what medical professional says that high fevers are of no concern, they concern me.

Poor Monkey had chills and wanted nothing more than to be close to me. By late yesterday afternoon, she was willing to take a drink of water and by last night, she was willing to eat a few cheerios, so I knew we were back on the road to recovery. She still had a high fever last night, but is doing better today.

Hopefully, the fever will stay away and Monkey can get back to school and see all of her friends tomorrow!
24 hours fever free!

One very sick little Monkey!

Julien is having an incredible time at soccer camp this week and we are all looking forward to a fun-filled weekend!

The pictures in this collage was taken over a week ago, before Monkey started walking. Up until that moment, Monkey had never stood with me to help me with anything in the kitchen. I just decided that it was time. To top that off, I stepped away from her to see what she would do...and you guys see what she did!

I took a couple more steps back, grabbed the camera and ta-da!

I didn't think anybody would believe me unless they saw it for themselves!

Check out her balance...little by little, it is improving!

Our miracle baby is amazing and our God is so giving!


Nicole said...

Awwww....Poor baby. I hope she's feeling better. Can't wait to see more videos of her walking. She'll be running before you know it! (in pink boots!) ;)

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Sweet Girl, get ALL better soon. I look forward to seeing you at FND & hearing you say my name across the table. Tell Big Brother hi!

XOXOXO to you both.