Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things I learned or are just remembering...

As I've mentioned before, I am not a "beach person". I lived in Jacksonville, Florida and lived in Hawaii, so I've had my fair share of sand, stepping on slimy unknown things in the ocean, the smell of fish and used band-aids strategically placed within my walking path.

If I had the choice, I would take the life I have here and implant it into the atmosphere of Whidbey Island - my favorite place on earth.

So, somewhere over the years, I had blocked out things that this beach trip reminded me of or I learned a few things that I guess I just didn't know or never paid attention to before:

It is perfectly acceptable to wear mismatched knee socks and apparently is considered the cool thing to do

(See comment section - to show my age, this is really the "in" thing! FYI for all you other out of the loop Mom's out there! AND, don't be surprised if you see Monkey in any of the outfits off that website! Too cute! Thanks Leslie!)

92% of people who visit the beach drive a Suburban or a Tahoe

I am not the palest person in North America...after all

There are all kinds of strange mammals that visit the beach


Boobies at the beach only come in three sizes.

Extra Small

Extra Large


Custom ordered


Nicole said...

Ha! Why didn't you tell me you were putting my legs on the blog??

Anonymous said...

Hey! There is actually a website that is www.littlemissmatched.com

They sell only 3 socks together and the goal is to miss match them. I did get the cutest backpack from there.

Leslie Bartlett

austin and todd wilson said...

I love the fact that someone else is seeing "the socks!" That is what my 7th grade students wear to school these days. I wonder if I ever left the '80s somedays.