Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TMI - Seriously must I tell you this?

I must, I must, before I completely combust!
Anybody that knows me, even a tad, realizes that I have major germ issues - bad.
How I made it through potty training one child, the world may never know.
Now, I have another to potty train.
This time a girl, which complicates things a bit and then you add my sweet baby girls balance issues and we have a whole other situation at hand.
Well, last night was the first time that Addie had to use the big girl potty out in public.
I will say that I was so proud of her for doing such a great job, she really is doing a great job potty training...and I'd like to say that I did make it through the experience.
What I need to know is how did I do it?
I'm trying to figure out if there is some sort of disposable Mommy/Baby, public restroom, potty training HAZMAT suits or a defensive layer of antibacterial foam that can zoom out of a web blaster faster than the speed of light!
There is hardly enough time to coat the whole potty with tissue, much less try to strategically place a little Monkey before business needs to commence.
We lucked out last night and was at a local place with fairly clean restrooms, but I am so not ready for the day when the only restroom in sight is some lone gas station where the guy behind the counter has never stepped foot into the restroom to clean it, much less understands the need for proper sanitation!
Oh, dear wise Mom's of girl toddlers past...WHAT DO YOU DO?


Melissa Irvin said...

Hey Jenn, Here's something you might want to get:
That's at Babies R Us.
Or one of these:
That's at Target. You can fold that up and stick it in your diaper bag and carry it with you.
I hope that helps!

Nicole said...

Ashamed to admit it, but I once swiped a stash of toilet seat covers from a "clean" public restroom so that I would have them when we happened upon a restroom in desparate need of it's "once in a decade" cleaning. Just wait until you have to deal with the automatic flushers....those scared Kaylyn to death!

(P.S. No worked and I had to use them MANY times. Everyone knows when they say "gotta go" it means "gotta go NOW!")

Katherine said...

This may sound silly, but I keep Livi's starter potty chair (she sits on the regular toilet now) in the back of the van. If we have time to get to the van, we just let her go in there. If we have to use a bathroom, I line the seat with toilet paper and hold her up off the seat if I can.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I have to say I like Nicole's comment, lol! Maybe you can order those online somewhere so you can keep them in your car and take one in when you go out in public. I myself have a huge phobia of public restrooms, like a serious phobia of public restrooms. By the time we were out of there we had probably used a whole roll coating the potty, lol! Public bathrooms are just nasty! Carie :-)

Jenn said...

I kept the training potty in my van for a while. It really came in handy. I still cringe to this day when the kids have to use public bathrooms.

Jenn said...

Hey jenn,
Haha! I love this post! I bought a little potty seat thing that folds 4 times, and fits into a little carrying bag that fits in the diaper bag. It's even comfy! This one came from might be the same type of thing as one of the last comments. I also stuck sanitizing wipes inside that little bag to wipe it down each time. :)