Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The waiting game

We lucked out and were able to get in to see Addie's Endocrinologist one more time before she leaves Birmingham.
Yes, we were ever so lucky to find an amazing, compassionate and wonderful specialist and now she is leaving. I feel confident that our new Endocrinologist will be fantastic as well, but we will have to wait six-months to find out.
Julien was a tremendous help with Addie while waiting for the doctor...although he managed to get a boo-boo. How that happens sitting in an exam room, we may never know!
Addie was totally off the hook when the doctor came in. She was whining one minute, then laughing, dancing, playing with books on the floor (ugh) and trying her best to use the stethoscope as a lasso the next minute. Drama, drama, drama...all in an exam room.
This appointment left me feeling like my mind was spinning. The good news is that I received the information that I was hoping for with regards to future plans for Addie. The good news is that I have three years before I have to make one of the biggest health decisions for Addie. The bad news is that I have three years of worry and research before that major health decision is made.
It's a mental game to bring myself to the present time. Time will help with this decision and God will show me the correct path. In the mean time...I have to enjoy my kids and realize how truly blessed I am to have them.
Constant worry will only get me one step closer to Botox and expensive hair dye's.


Kim K said...

Hey Jen! Austin saw Dr. Moreland, Endocrinologist, a few weeks ago. Did Addie see Dr. Moreland also? I'm sad she is moving back to the Carolina's. I'm still waiting on Austin's test results, urgh! Hope you and the family are doing well!! P.S. Austin learned how to wave bye (even though it's backwards-and he waves to himself!) God love him!!!