Friday, July 24, 2009

Child's Play Therapy and ABC 33/40

One of the owners of Child's Play Therapy - Addie's therapy center - called me last week and offered me an exciting opportunity!

I was told that ABC 33/40 would be filming a commercial today that would air during the months of August and September and was asked if Addie could take part in the commercial! The commercial is not about Addie, but is promoting this fabulous center that we were so fortunate to find!

Also, I was asked to be the parent spokesperson for the center. Yes, me - one of the shyest people ever. Yes, me - the one who is a terrible public speaker.

After editing, I have no idea what part Addie will be visible, but regardless, what a great opportunity! She did a fabulous job and never even whimpered! There were three other children who took part and I think the commercial will be great!

So, if 33/40 actually has me in the commercial instead of just speaking "behind the scenes", everybody must keep in mind the one rule of adds a solid twenty-five pounds. I'm actually really incredibly gorgeous and thin!

Wish us luck that the editing is favorable and promotes Child's Play Therapy, a center that has been crucial in Addie's development over the last few months!

We are ever so thankful and honored for the opportunity!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! You will have to let me know the times it will air. Carie :-)