Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hearing exam

I took Addie yesterday for her six-month hearing exam. She did fantastic as usual! She is so calm when she has her ears examined and as long as she is sitting in my lap, she doesn't mind be tortured too much!

At this point, there are still no concerns. Her tubes are open and she has not had any decrease in her hearing. We are good to go until July - unless a concern arises!

We had the same audiologist as last time. After the hearing test, she proceeded to tell me that she was unable to complete the full frequency range because Addie "was easily distracted" and her "attention span was too short".

That's really odd...don't you think?

What two-year-old wouldn't be able to sit perfectly still in a sound proof room with a dancing pig, loud Monkey and cymbal banging rabbit (which she still hates)? Not only that, an intern was in the room in front of us with toys. I am just appalled that my child would become distracted! Geez...I need to work on her manners!

(I will be demanding the original audiologist next time, the one we had Addie's first year. One that is more personable with children)


Stephanie said...

I'm glad it went well, besides the dumb audiologist. I'd ask for a different one, too.

Polly & Steve said...

I agree with you, people can be so ignorant! (sp) ha!