Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Kim - once again is the best!

Kim as in Kim Sharit Photography - the best photographer ever - is holding a photo contest. She somehow managed to pick her ten favorite pictures of 2008 and Monkey made the list.

It would be incredibly selfish for me to ask you to vote for Monkey because there are some incredible pictures to choose from, so visit Kim's site and vote for what you think the best picture of 2008 is!

Oh...and while you're there, go ahead and email Kim and get that next photo session booked!


Polly & Steve said...

The pictures are great and I voted for my favorite and I can't say her name was Addie....hahaha

Jenn said...

I voted! That is one of my favorite pics of Addie.

Aunt Cissy said...

Of course, we know who I voted for but it was a great picture. Hugs and kisses to all.