Saturday, February 14, 2009

Q & A I thought I would get off SCOTT-FREE from explaining our absence from The Mercedes Marathon this year. No such luck.

Chris, my family, friends and I put our hearts and soul into The Mercedes Marathon last year. It was something that we absolutely had to do.

This year, we chose not to. The main reason is that due to the hard economic times, there was no way that we could ask for donations from you. Chris and I have so much on us and new expenses at every turn and we know that some of our friends have been impacted by the difficult financial times. It is just not right for us to expect anything more than what we have generously been given.

So, with that being said, the marathon has an amazing financial impact on The Bell Center and is something that I will be a part of again in the future. This year, we opted out.

We have many dear friends who are running on Sunday and I am so sorry that I will not be standing at The Bell Center mile cheering you on. We will not be here on Sunday. You will be in my prayers and you will be in my thoughts. I am so grateful for what you are giving of yourselves, which in turn benefits my sweet baby girl and so many others! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Next year, if anyone is interested in volunteering to help with The Bell Center, there are a few options. The kids race and the actual marathon are always in need of volunteers.

This Sunday at the marathon, there will be The Bell Center mile. They ask that you come out and dress in a RED shirt and cheer the runners on. This mile of volunteers is like none other.

When Chris and I were approaching Samford yesterday, we could see from a distance the red balloons and volunteers standing at the main gate. I held back the tears because here are these people, taking time out of their day to stand on the side of the road just to direct us where we need to go. At each turn, there were red balloons and volunteers dressed in red. They were there for Addie and every other child that benefits from The Bell Center. Can you imagine the joy in my heart? There were also tons of people who came out just to sit and cheer the children on. I cannot fully express what this means to me and each parent there, just to know that we had the support of so many people!

If you want to volunteer in any way next year, please contact The Bell Center or let me know!