Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Talk about being blessed!

Last night Chris and I had to attend a meeting with regards to legal preparations for Addie. Lucky for us, child care was available during the meeting. I told Julien that his job while we were in the meeting was to watch over Addie and help out if anyone needed any assistance.

After the meeting was over, the two women who were watching over the children met Chris and me in the hallway. One of them proceeded to tell me that she almost cried while watching Julien with Addie. She told me how wonderful he was and that she wishes that her son will one day be like that with his sister. That made me so proud!

There is an amazing bond between Julien and Addie and no words that I write can truly describe it. He would do anything for her. In those first few minutes after Addie was born, I thought about how her birth would impact Julien's life. I thought about how I never wanted him to be "burdened" by his sister. Julien will be the first to tell you how much he loves Addie and he will probably go on to say "if anyone ever tries to hurt her, I'll...".

I am one very blessed Mom!


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Yes, you are blessed. I've seen firsthand the look in Addie's eyes when her Big Brother comes into a room, especially after he's been away for the weekend.

She definitely has another Protector, we call him J-Rod!

Aunt Cissy said...

Jenn, it only takes seconds to be in the midst of the two of them together to see the bond they share. You can feel the love. Just thinking about them and your words is bringing me to tears. I love you all. You are blessed with two very magnificent children. Love always!

Jenn said...

I think a compliment about your children is the best compliment you can receive. I can imagine your heart just melted as that woman was telling you that. God chose you and Chris to be Addie's parents and he also chose an amazing big brother for her too.