Sunday, February 22, 2009

I hope this doesn't offend anyone...

and if it does, then you have to realize this is MY issue that I'm discussing, not putting you down.

Chris and I needed a date night - bad!

I'll skip through all the good stuff and get straight to the point:

(Everyone knows I have major germ issues.)

After our movie was over, you know what happened next - bee line straight to the restrooms! As I walk in, I shake my head as I immediately note my surroundings. No paper towels, the trash is overflowing with dirty paper towels and there are lots of people. I make my way down the row trying to find a stall that was somewhat "clean". I make it a few feet when something catches my eye. Of course there is the closed stall door, legs with jeans pulled down to where they needed to be and what the???...a huge bucket of popcorn right at her feet. Ugh...stomach churning. How? How can someone take their food inside the stall with them and place it on the floor right next to their feet? Doesn't everyone in the world realize that when the potty flushes that water sprays out? Not only that, but for all things good....that's just wrong.

Normally Chris makes fun of me for my germ issues, but he actually got a little grossed out too!

So, for all of you out there that do this. Um, wow. I am so glad that you don't have my psychological germ infestation issues. Really, I am. It makes life so much less complicated!



Haley said...

I can just hear you saying "Um,wow"! I am not a germ freak by any means (I do work in a hospital after all) but I agree with you, that is disgusting!

If I had to go & was by myself, I think I would leave it in my seat & risk someone stealing it before I would do that. Or I would hold it where nothing would splash on it! Better yet, why not go to the little girl's room, then go buy your popcorn!

Trey is very into "wash hands" right now which I'm encouraging especially since he's a boy!