Thursday, February 19, 2009

Should I be offended? :)

Chris and I started the morning of our trip at 2:00 a.m. We knew that if we had any chance of surviving the car ride, we had to leave way before dawn.

I had Julien go to bed in sweats and Addie in her normal PJ's. I don't know about the rest of you, but when Chris and I travel, it is in comfort. We both dressed in comfy sweats for the drive.

The trip up to Gatlinburg was very pleasant. The kids slept most of the way. Julien woke about 30 minutes before we got there and I just cracked up at his comment. We are driving through this little town of nothingness and he's rubbing his eyes and looking around and says, "hey Mom, I was kind of expecting a little more than this". :)

We make it to the hotel very early. I knew our room wouldn't be ready, but I wanted to check with the clerk and let them know that we were in town and ready to check in as soon as the room was ready. Follow this conversation:

Me: Good morning. I know we are really early, but wanted to check with you to see when our room would be available.

Clerk: Your name please?

Me: Jennifer Henderson

Clerk: Mrs. Henderson, your room isn't ready yet.

Me: Do you have any idea how long it will be before it is ready?

Clerk: Let me see when it will be ready (she calls house keeping). It looks like it will be about an hour and a half.

Me: That's great! In the mean time, could you please tell me a good place to grab some lunch?

Clerk: Blank stare.

Me: OK, how about if you could tell me any places we should avoid.

Clerk: Um...what exactly were you wanting?

Me: Anything, we're just hungry!

Clerk: Well....there's _____ that serves sandwiches and then _____ just right next door. (An awkward clearing of the throat from her) Oh, there is Johnny Carino's BUT they really are more of an upscale restaurant. (As she proceeds to glance from Me to Chris to Julien to Addie)

Me: I try not to snort as I give a side glance at Chris and then give the clerk my best, "don't be a smarty pants because this woman holds the next three nights of comfort in her hands", "thank you" and we leave.

As soon as we hit the parking lot, I told Chris that I was very aware that we looked a tad rough...but I didn't realize we looked so bad that this woman suddenly thought we were not good enough for lunch at Johnny Carino's and by the way...since WHEN is Johnny Carino's considered "upscale"?


Shan said...

That's hilarious, I was thinking the same thing to myself about Johnny Carinos..I guess they probably thought the Cracker Barrel was too nice too. :)

BobbyTSkizoke said...

Hey! You back off my Cracker Barrel. I love me some breakfast any time of the day :)