Saturday, February 14, 2009

959 days in the making!

It has been 959 days since we took our last family vacation.

We went to the beach for Independence Day 2006. It was a really tough trip for me, pregnancy doesn't fair too well with me.

Addie was there too, tucked away so safe from this cruel world and so content, not knowing the road she had ahead (or maybe she did, with the grace of our God preparing her). Here she is, my sweet beautiful baby girl.

With our world in a constant spiral - never for the worst - and having a little Monkey who doesn't travel well, a family vacation has been out of the question!

Chunky Monkey hasn't traveled outside of the radius encompassed between Tuscaloosa, Gardendale, Columbiana and the home of the almighty peach in Clanton.

Chris and I decided last November that we would take the day off for our anniversary, spend the day at Ross Bridge (where we stayed the first night of our honeymoon and are so in love with), play a round of golf, enjoy the services at the spa and "relax". Sometime in January, I changed the plans. Although we need the time alone, we need a family vacation even more.

After a particularly stressful quarter at work, lots of obstacles with regards to Monkey and the constant reminder that Disney World got nixed, I sent an email to Addie's Neurologist for some advice, found a hotel, BOOKED IT, sent an email for my days off of work and decided that it was time for a vacation!

So...the time has come. We are heading out for a real family vacation.

We have family kitty sitting and watching the house and not a care in the world!

Please keep us in your prayers so that we will have a safe trip.

We'll be back with lots of pictures to share!


Kim said...

Have a great time!! Praying for your safety...

Jenn said...

Enjoy and have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Carie and the family hopes the Henderson's have a wonderful vacation! We love You!