Thursday, February 26, 2009

Isn't harassment a crime?

I have had many inquiries with regards to when the March edition of Birmingham Parent will be available.

In turn, I spent this week harassing the poor, sweet lady at Birmingham Parent (to which I am very sorry!). She has assured me that she will call when the magazine comes in, but yet I still felt the need to interrupt her day!

I think there was a delay with the printing, so the magazine will not be available until next week.

I'm just anxious to see it before it hits the stands. I really want my own private moment to read the article before everyone else and I don't know which picture was chosen for the cover...

I want so much for this opportunity to be a benefit to Addie and her acceptance by our surrounding communities! God has a purpose and I know part of that is for us to share our story. I pray so hard that this is pleasing to our God!


Kim Ketler said...

Jennifer, it was so great to meet you today. I had a wonderful time! I felt like I could talk to you for hours. Do you have a personal email address that I could reach you at? I have your work email address only. If you are anything like me, I try not to email too many personal things from work. Hope to hear from you soon!
Kim Ketler