Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dixie Stampede

We went to Dixie Stampede for dinner the first night.

On the way, Julien overheard me telling Chris that we didn't have to pay for Monkey as long as she sat on my lap and shared my food. Julien looked at me and asked, "so whose lap am I sitting on?" What a little comedian, he cracks me up!

Poor Monkey was just petrified of the pre-show. I think it was the hats the guys were wearing! She was so terrified that she started splotching! I kept checking her because at first I thought she was having an allergic reaction to something and then I realized she was just scared!

The main show was awesome though! I don't think Julien or Addie took their eyes off the show the entire time. Addie was sitting on my lap and I was literally holding her food in front of her and every once in a while, she would lean forward (eyes still on the show) and would take a bite of food and then sit back in my lap. Julien and Addie sang, clapped and stomped along with the show!

We had the BEST time!


csmith said...

I am so glad Addie warmed up to the show. Chris and I went to the Dixie Stampede one year before we got married and we had the best time. You just gave me a good idea for a family vacation!