Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What a Relief

I'm way too tired to post the next set of pictures - sitting in a high school gym for four hours watching stinky, sweaty boys wrestle will do that to you - so instead, here is a little tidbit.

Most of you might remember that Addie has issues with shower curtains. We hate staying at hotels and traveling just because of how difficult the change is on our little Monkey and how we never know what will frighten her.
When I booked our accommodations, I completely forgot to check and see if we had to worry about the shower curtain drama.
I was hoping that one of the two bathrooms would be shower curtain free and my wish came true!
I was so relieved when I walked in and saw a nice, clear shower door!

Our lives are absolutely crazy, so any little bit of drama-free times - are good times.

Terrible camera angle...the shower really wasn't as small as a breadbox.