Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well, That Explains It.

We attended one very important birthday party this past weekend and for the first hour after we arrived, Addie was glued to me.
When I tried to put her down or take one step away from her, she started screaming and crying.
It was great.
I had a feeling the little Monkey was getting sick, but it usually takes a couple of days before the visible signs are present.
Addie has an ear infection and what appears to be one very nasty sinus infection.
(I am thrilled about an early morning trip to the doctor.)

The party started off with Addie alternating between wanting to see what everyone was doing,

to so fearful that I was going to leave her that she put me in a choke hold,
to releasing her grip just enough so that I could take in oxygen, but not enough that I might actually be able to resume any resemblance of personal space.

Poor little Monkey is just so uneasy in new places, especially when she is around people that she doesn't see very often.

By the end of the party, she didn't want to leave...pictures coming soon!